Not bad

Espy is for those of you looking for an alternative to Apple's Address Book. The application offers a similar interface with what it calls picture capabilities.

Espy makes it easy to add both contacts and groups, entering information like phone numbers, email, address and website. You can have more than one entry for each new contact. However, contact preview is where Espy differentiates itself from Address Book. In the application, your contacts will be shown as thumbnails, which for some people will be easier to browse through than the traditional Address Book.

Overall though, we can't help but think that Espy doesn't bring much more to the table. In some ways, it is very similar in design to Apple's Address Book, which really makes you wonder why pay extra for it.

If you like the thumbnail view, give Espy a try. For most users however we recommend sticking to Address Book for managing your contacts.

Espy is your address book with enhanced picture capabilities. Use the built-in search to quickly find the information you need from your network of family, friends and clients, or browse through your contacts' pictures in a useful and attractive iPhoto-like interface.

Espy is intuitive and easy-to-use, featuring a clean, streamlined, informative look and drag and drop photo assignment.



Espy 1.0

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